"If your spouse doesn't like the aroma of your cigar - change your spouse."
- Zino Davidoff

Sure its great to have a humidor, but if your not using it right itís not worth the wood itís made from. Here are a couple of quick questions and answers about cigar humidors.
Should I store my cigars in their cellophane wrapper, or should I unwrap them?

The cellophane wrapper will not allow the humidor to age your cigar properly. Your cigars should be completely exposed. If you do not remove the wrappers you also run the risk of condensation building up in the wrapper and ruining the cigar.

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I have heard a lot of talk about activator solutions, should I be using one?

Some say that when you add any chemicals to the inside of the humidor, there is always a chance that you could spoil the flavor of the cigar. Others say that it keeps better humidity control. Well we feel activator solution keeps your humidity at a consitant level. This allows your cigars to be fresher and more consistant. If you choose not to use an activator solution, make sure you use distilled water.

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Can I keep two different cigars in the same humidor?

If you plan to keep them in there a short period of time say 3-4 months probably not. If your planning to age them for years, we suggest using a divider. Many cigar aficionados have many humidors for such purpose.This would be a smart idea if you are planning to keep them in there a long time.

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Should I re-humidify my cigars before I smoke them?

Its not a bad idea. When you buy a cigar set it in your humidor for a couple of days and it should be fine. You never know how they were stored before you got them. They could have been sitting around in the wrong humidity for a while.

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What do I do if I have cigars that are dry?

You can restore a dry cigar. This process takes a little work, but it can be done. Put the cigar in a flat piece of covered Tupperware or a plastic re-sealable bag with a damp cloth or sponge. Be sure not to let the cigar touch the cloth. Check it after a couple of days you might have to add more water to the cloth. Then put it back in the covered container. This could take up to 2 weeks. Once it seems O.K., you can put it back in your humidor.

What type of wood should my humidor be lined with?

We feel the only woods a humidor should be lined with are either; Honduran Mahogany, Spanish Cedar or Aromatic Cedar. These types of woods are naturally grown in a high humidity climate and act well in humidors (which have high humidity inside). Spanish cedar sometimes may produce sap. This is not the end of the world. Simply wipe the sap off with denatured alcohol. Then lightly sand the wood where the sap was. Honduran Mahogany is a great wood for humidors, the only drawback is the weight. This is a very heavy wood, that if used in desktop models, can give you great results. For larger, showcase style humidors, it can make the humidor a little heavy. Aromatic Cedar, can also provide good results. Mold will not grow on Aromatic Cedar and bugs will not dare to fester in this wood. If you feel the odor in the the aromatic is too strong, this can be rectified. Simply leave the humidor open for a couple days or put a fan in front of the open humidor for a few hours and the odor should dissipate. Wood will lose its odor when left out in the air.